(04 Days / 03 night)

Day 1: Tangier – Chefchaouen

Meet and greet at Tangier port then start discovering this pearl of the north of the kingdom and its main gate to Europe. Tangier is at a stone throw from Gerbil Tar (15 km from Spain). Begin the city tour with the visit of the world-famous St. Andrews Church. The first strip of land to build this landmark in Tangier was provided in 1880 by Hassan I, a former Alaouite king of Morocco. The church was re-built in the year 1894 to accommodate larger numbers of worshippers and it was consecrated in 1905. Continue through the neighbourhood of villas and mansions of many celebrities including the royal palace. The city tour of Tangier will also include the Kasbah and the Medina, the oldest and the most exotic part of this mythical city. The visit to the medina is a great opportunity for you to be in direct contact with the locals ! It is also a great chance for you to visit places that were favorate spots for some of the most celebrities of the world. Tangier was the place of birth of Ibn Batouta, a famous Berber scholar and traveler. In addition to Ibn Batouta, Paul Bowles – an American writer and composer – lived in Tangier for 52 years together with his wife Jane Bowles who is an American writer too. The French famous painter Henri Matisse stayed in Tangier between 1912 and 1913. In Tangier you will also visit Grand Sirocco, Petit Sirocco, Old American Legation– founded in 1821 (the 1st National Landscape for the USA in the overseas), the Mendoubia building and Gardens (The international administration when Tangier was under-control of 8 powerful countries). In the afternoon, we will leave Tangier heading to Chefchaouen for overnight.

Day 2: Chefchaouen – Rabat

After breakfast, enjoy the city tour of Chefchaouen or Chaouen as the locals call it. Located in the desolate mountainside of Rif, Chefchaouen shimmers in the bright sunlight and glistens under the silvery rays of the moon and makes you feel that is all a wispy, willowy dream. It is actually not. The little mountain village of Chefchaouen is very much real and is regarded as one of the most beautiful and tranquil places in Morocco. Chefchaouen is a tourist paradise in every sense of the term. Founded way back in the 15th century, Chefchaouen was then predominantly inhabited by the Jews and the Muslims of a Spanish descent. It was in isolation until the 20th century after which Europeans started trickling in gradually. Such a lineage has meant that Chefchaouen retains a unique medieval Moorish character. Transfer from Chaouen to Rabat for overnight.

Day 3: Rabat – Tangier

After breakfast, begin the city tour of Rabat with the Kasbah of the Udayas. This kasbah is a fortification constructed on a hill, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The Kasbah of the Udayas was constructed during the realm of the Almohads. Stop next at Mohammed V Mausoleum. This Mausoleum is home to the tombs of the current king’s grandfather, King Mohammed V, and his two sons King Hassan II and Prince Moulay Abdellah. Inside the mausoleum, mosaics rise from the marble floor to a ceiling of gold leaf and hand-carved cedar wood, while the three ground-floor tombs are carved from white onyx. Next to the Mausoleum, stop at Hassan Tower, which is the towering minaret of the Hassan Mosque. The construction of the site began in 1195. Optional lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, transfer to Tangier for overnight. 

Day 4: Tangier - port

After breakfast, we will assist you to your cruising ship.