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Thinking of an authentic adventurous trip in Africa? Think Toudgha Voyages in Morocco! We know how to get to the heart of your adventure trip no matter what your passion is! 

Adventure travel in Morocco through Toudgha Voyages is not like anything else. Our adventure vacations have it all to make you experience one of the most remarkable holidays in the world. Toudgha Voyages’ adventure trips focus on the magic of the mighty Sahara– an overwhelming sea of sand stretching to infinity, the spectacular scenery of the Atlas Mountains and the old traditions of the Moroccan people.

Considering an adventure trip in Morocco brings to one’s mind the vibrant images of the magistic Atlas Mountains. This famous mountain range separates the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast lines from the Sahara Desert, and the highest peak is Jebel Toubkal with an elevation of 4,167 metres (13,671 ft) few miles away from Marrakech. The Atlas Mountains provide some of the most charming landscapes all over the world for Mountain Climbing, Trekking Holidays, Cycling Trips, etc.

Did you ever consider Climbing the Highest Mountain Peak in North Africa as an amazing plus to a Sahara Desert Trip in ONE SINGLE VACATION !? The trip brings together the splendid views of the mighty Atlas Mountains with a fantastic camel trek in the Sahara Desert and an overnight under the splendid stars around a campfire. It is an opportunity for you to experience a wonderful overnight in a Berber tent to learn why nomads never feel at ease under a ceiling!

Come to Morocco through Toudgha Voyages to get to the heart of Advnture Travel. 

Adventure Trips out of a Magic Lamp!

Enjoy wonderful Hiking, Trekking and Mountain Climbing vacations with Toudgha Voyages…

Toudgha Voyages Culinary Tours and Culinary Classes in Morocco are original and creative…

Our Helicopter Tours in Morocco are an amazing way to see the beauty of the country from above!