Our FITs


Personalized, Independent or Private Tours are all faces of the same coin for us. This also includes FIT, which refers in our tours for individual bookigs as opposed to groups or fixed departures. The itineraries proposed in this section are desinged exclusively for you, your family or friends. Booking an independent private tour with Toudgha Voyages means that no stranger will share any travel item with you during your trip.

One of the most important benifits of booking a personalized tour is that they allow free choice of timing. This means that you can start your trip any date that suits you. During the trip, you can also plan your days to be as long or as short as you like. All you need to do this is to arrange with our skilful driver/guide or national guide the time you would like to sart your next day. Our role to help you to decide your time is to let you know the distances between the cities and the approximate time you wil get to your next destination. This includes frequent stops at the spots of your interest and skipping the places you do not like. In short, booking a personalized private tour with Toudgha Voyages’ assistance makes you the manager of your trip.

The itineraries proposed in this section are for guidance only. You may choose one of these ideal pre-made private tours for your trip to Morocco. Alternatively, we can customize any of these itineraries to suit your travel time frame, bugdet or specific interests. Our Morocco FIT Travel guarantees comfort, affordability and relaiability. The main advantages of our Personalized Tours are:

  • Start your tour on any date that suits you.

  • The tour will be as long or as short as you want it to be.

  • Choose 3*, 4*, 5*, 5* deluxe hotels or Riads depending on your budget.

  • Include in your tour the sightseing spots you are specifically interested in.

  • Include breakfast only, breakfast and lunch or breakfast, lunch and dinner in your trip.

  • Local guides, national guides and skilful drivers are booked for your exclusive use.

  • Private vehicles (cars or minibuses) operate on private basis.

  • Are you ready now? Come and join us for a trip of a lifetime.

Our tour “The Best of Morocco” is more than the best. It is THE BEST OF THE BEST. 

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