Cooking Class in Fes

Fes Cooking Class

Enjoy one of the Moroccan  culinary adventure. You will be escorted to the old medina to exercise your shopping demons in some of the most colorful souks (market) in Morocco. The trip to the souk is an amazing opportunity for you to experience the everyday rituals of food shopping for Moroccans. You will learn how to bargain to get the lowest price for the best ingredients of the menu to be cooked with your chef. The latter will decide on the ingredient, but, for sure, things like meat, vegetables and olives will not be missed. Inside the medina, you will also investigate traditional cooking methods by visiting a 400 years old Furan or a communal oven and bakery. While walking in the souks, you will get the chance to try some traditional Moroccan street food. The most well-known of this is Milwi, Harsha, pastries, etc. There will also be a stop at a Berber pharmacy where you will discover the world of spices and their uses. Once you finish your food shopping, you will return with your escort guide to the family home to start your cooking adventure. The cooking class focuses on some of Fes’s culinary specialties. The workshop is conducted by a local chef, and at the end of the workshop, you will have lunch on the meal you have prepared.